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Queen’s School of Business Centre for Business Venturing

Queen’s School of Business Centre for Business Venturing is committed to being the leading and definitive source of knowledge and expertise in the creation, leadership and management of new ventures. We view it as our responsibility to be at the forefront of tackling the challenge of understanding the key success factors for entrepreneurial ventures, and translating these into long-term sustainability and growth for these important enterprises.

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Queen's School of Business Centre for Social Impact

Queen's School of Business Centre for Social Impact is committed to inspiring practitioners, researchers, teachers, and students of business to instill responsible leadership as an integral part of their thinking and practice. We will accomplish this through: education and curriculum development; the fostering of high-quality academic research; support of the non-profit community; and global advocacy for responsible leadership.

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CPA-Queen's School of Business Centre for Governance

The CPA - Queen's Centre for Governance is committed to improving corporate governance in Canada through a variety of research and teaching programs. The Centre funds academic research into Canadian and international corporate governance issues, and contributes to the creation of leading-edge curriculum. The Centre is partially funded through the generosity of the Chartered Professional Accountants of Ontario.

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Queen’s Business Consulting

Queen's Business Consulting, Canada's top undergraduate consulting program, is a year-round venture managed by senior undergraduate Commerce students under the direction of the Queen's School of Business faculty. QBC provides a range of cost-effective consulting services to owners, managers and staff of small and medium-sized businesses as well as professionals from not-for-profit and public organizations.

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Queen’s Executive Decision Centre

The Queen’s Executive Decision Centre has developed innovative uses of technology to support the planning and decision-making tasks of executive teams from both private- and public-sector. Services provided by the Centre include: strategic planning; focus groups; team-building; group problem-solving; business process re-engineering; and brainstorming. As the technology is fully portable, these tasks may be undertaken at Queen’s or other locations.

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The Monieson Centre for Business Research in Healthcare

The Monieson Centre for Business Research in Healthcare creates opportunities and provides on-going support to academics, business leaders and policymakers to develop research-based solutions to real-world problems. The Centre provides partners with access to evidence-based findings and strategies, and collaborative, interdisciplinary research teams with the large datasets necessary for rigorous research.

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