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Macintosh, Norman

Norman Macintosh

Title: Professor Emeritus

Specialty: Management Accounting & Control Systems (MCS), Behaviour and Social Aspects of MCS, Poststructuralist Approaches

Subject: Accounting

Phone: (613) 533-2334 Ext: 32334

Fax: (613) 533-6589

Room: Goodes Hall Room 225

Email: norman.macintosh@queensu.ca

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In today’s globalized postmodern world, the traditional ways of researching the organizational, social and political workings of accounting, control and governance systems have lost much of their robustness. In consequence, a few accounting scholars have looked to poststructuralist developments, including their philosophical presuppositions, in the social sciences and humanities for newer and more appropriate approaches. His current research includes some of these developments and explores their potential for accounting research. The work of eminent social philosophical scholars including Baudrillard, Derrida, Foucault, Lyotard, and Wittgenstein, amongst others, has been the inspiration for this new perspective.

Dr. Macintosh has published widely in refereed accounting, organizational behavioral, and management journals and his books have been appreciated worldwide. The  He has served as visiting professor at universities in Australia, Canada, Great Britain, Hong Kong, and the USA, He has been a keynote speaker in Brazil, Scandinavia, Germany, and Italy. He has served on the editorial boards of eight accounting journals and has received numerous research grants and awards including the Canadian Academic Accounting Association’s awards for Distinguished Contribution to Accounting Thought and Outstanding Contribution to Accounting Education, and four Social Science and Humanities Research Council Canada research grants. He has served on the executive of the American Accounting Association and was Chair of its Accounting, Behavior and Organizations section in 1995-96. He taught doctoral workshops on postructuralist perspectives on accounting in Finland [2004] and in Germany [October, 2005]. And has been Visiting Professor at the University of Siena, Doctoral Summer School in Management Accounting in 2002, 2004, and 2006.